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At QSR ® we understand that Management Systems Certification is intended for all types of businesses. We do not approach any ISO certification audit with a preconceived notion of how a particular system should be designed. We look for management systems that work for the client and that meet the intent of the relevant ISO standard.

ISO Certification

Achieve ISO Standards by obtaining ISO Certification from QSR. (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, AS9100, TL 9000, RC 14001, RCMS)

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Transfer ISO Certification

Easily Transfer your company's ISO Certifications or Quality Management Systems to Quality Systems Registrars.

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ISO Training

QSR Training will empower and engage your employees, improving quality, reducing cost, increasing productivity and profitability.

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Become an ISO Auditor

Having your Management System audited can be stressful. Our ISO Lead Auditors will never nitpick — or audit outside the scope of registration.

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Achieve the standard. Get ISO Certification today.

A commitment to integrity and quality in all that we do has been a cornerstone of QSR® since we were founded in 1990 so it’s no coincidence that we maintain a 95% percent customer retention level.


Improve Performance

Whether you are planning a QMS in response to direct market requirements or want to increase the productivity of your organization.

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Manage for Sustained Success

With certification, your operation will run more smoothly as the management system promotes consistency in how work is performed and recorded.

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Reduce Costly Errors

If a problem does occur, it is traced to its root cause and fixed, saving the organization from "re-correcting" the same problem over and over.

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Drive Sales & Profitability

A survey of ISO 9000 certified companies shows many companies are routinely asked to achieve certification as a condition of bidding on new business.

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