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ISO 20000-1:2018

ISO 20000 Certification, Auditing & Training

ISO 20000-1 – Information Technology Service Management System

From service desk support to full-fledged system design and deployment, the ISO 20000-1 certification will define expectations, advance monitoring performance, and prepare your organization for future service changes. Businesses across the world have been amplifying their customer’s satisfaction and advancing their IT services through this integrated process approach.

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Achieve the standard. Get ISO 20000 Certification today.

What is the ISO 20000-1 standard | Service Management System?

The ISO 20000-1 certification will help your organization effectively manage IT customer service representatives, by ensuring awareness regarding changes in industry strategy, regulations, and standard requirements. From service planning, delivery, resolution, and release management, your renown service lifecycle will exceed industry expectations.

In fact, according to an ISO.org study, ISO 2000-1 certification has seen a 42.4% increase worldwide since 2020.

Why Get ISO 20000-1 Certification?

  • Improve Performance in:
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud Computing
    • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Develop Sustained Success
  • Create Guidelines and Accountability
  • Improve IT’s Entire Service Lifecycle




Pre-assessment is an optional service that is offered for companies that wish to get the highest possible understanding of their readiness prior to undergoing a certification assessment.


Certification Audit

The certification audit has two parts stage 1 and stage 2. The objective of these two audits is the confirm your companies Service Management System adheres to all the ISO 20000 Requirements.


Certificate of Registration

Upon acceptance by the Certification Committee, QSR issues a Certificate of Registration that is valid for 3 years and enters the newly certified organization into QSR’s List of ISO Registered Firms.


Surveillance Audits

Surveillance audits are conducted each calendar year to ensure compliance with the ISO 20000-1 standard.



Prior to the expiration of your ISO 20000-1 certification, QSR will perform a re-certification audit. This will examine your service management system in its entirety for overall effectiveness.

Achieve the Standard.

Get ISO 20000-1 Certification today.

ISO 20000-1 Standards & Requirements

The ISO 20000 standard is designed to apply to any business or organization — deliver effective managed IT services to customers. As an ISO 20000-1:2018 certification holder you would be expected to:

  • Have a suitable business management system for your services and processes appropriate to your certification scope.
  • Analyze and understand customer needs and expectations, as well as the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements related to your products.
  • Determine and manage processes needed to achieve expected outcomes.
  • Ensure that the business management system characteristics have been specified in order to meet customer and statutory/regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure availability of resources to support operation and monitoring of such processes.
  • Analyze the cause of nonconformities and take corrective action to avoid their recurrence.
  • Monitor, measure, and continually improve effectiveness of quality management.
  • Address customer complaints.
  • Implement an effective internal audit and management review process.
  • Aim to prevent nonconformities with systematic improvement processes in place to correct any nonconformities, including those detected after delivery.