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QSR® Welcomes your feedback and comments.

Feedback may be provided via QSR-Feedback. – Thank you for contacting QSR®

QSR®‘s Complaints

You may initiate a complaint request via QSR-Complaints.
QSR® views any complaint as a very serious matter. A complaint against QSR® or one of its Registered Firms must be made in writing. Verbal statements will not be considered complaints unless they are subsequently received in writing. QSR® will then proceed to process the complaint as prescribed in the QSR® Complaint Process Procedure.

During this process we will ensure we fully understand your concerns and act on the complaint fairly and promptly. You will be kept informed of progress and we will reply as soon as the complaint has been fully investigated. Should a complaint against a Registered Firm be valid, all concerned parties will be notified and formal documented correction and corrective action will be requested and verified during a subsequent audit or through client communication.

QSR® considers complaints against itself or any of its client’s confidential.

QSR®‘s Appeals

You may initiate an appeal request via QSR-Appeals.

A Client/Registered Firm may appeal to QSR® any decision not to award or withdraw registration to the Client/Registered Firm. Appeals are subject to the appeals procedure of QSR®. In the event a Client/Registered Firm wishes to appeal a decision made through the Certification Committee and based on the QSR® Registration Program, the Client/Registered shall do so within thirty (30) days of being notified of QSR®‘s decision to not award or withdraw a Certificate of Registration.

The decision of the Certification Committee shall stand until such time that the Certification Committee can meet and formally hear the Client/Registered Firm’s appeal. If the Client/Registered Firm wishes to appeal the Certification Committee decision, it shall be in accordance with the QSR®Appeals Procedure to the Board of Governors.

Please contact Carol Tillman – tillmanc@qsr.com | 703-318-3146

Quality Management System Registration Program

QSR’s Certification Procedures

In accordance with 17021-1:2015 Section 8.1.1 the following download addresses publically accessible information.

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