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Preparing for your virtual audit with QSR

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What Is A Virtual Audit? A virtual audit is one that is conducted partially or completely off site. The audit will cover everything that is usually covered on site but utilizes technology to support the auditor when a site visit is not possible.

What should I expect?

The virtual audit will typically be the same duration as your onsite audit. You will need to be available at all times and likely be dialed into a conference call for the majority of the audit duration. Some audit time may be part of a virtual audit where the auditor reviews documents off-line for a period of time and then re-convenes the call/meeting.

Remote audits are also best delivered using computer desktop sharing programs. This reduces the amount of data and information transferred between your organization and QSR.

You may be asked to email documents to the auditor for review. Any information you send us will be managed
in accordance with our confidentiality and data privacy policies, which are available on our website and within the QSR Management System Registration Program.


What do I need to make sure I am ready?
Remote auditing is heavily reliant on technology. There are a few simple conditions you need to make sure of to be ready for your virtual audit:

  • It is preferred that you provide a system which will allow an online conference call such as Skype; WebEx; Go-To-Meeting; etc. It is nice to see faces if possible (Video).
  • If online connectivity is not possible, the auditor may ask you to send them information via email and follow up with a telephone call;
  • Please ensure you are familiar with the technology prior to your audit to avoid unnecessary delays.

What happens if the technology doesn’t work on the day?

The auditor will try to continue with the audit however possible. If there are issues with internet connectivity during your virtual audit, then your auditor will attempt to complete the audit over the phone.

Typical documents to email your Auditor include:

• Internal audit records
• Internal audit plan
• Management review minutes and actions
• Complaints log
• Corrective actions
• Improvement documentation
• Risk register
• Documentation supporting core business processes (if possible)

What do I need to make available for the virtual audit?

1. Personnel

  • The “onsite” individual responsible will need to be available for the entirety of the audit;
  • Any key personnel will need to be available for the relevant parts of the audit. They can either dial in separately or from the same point as other personnel where or when possible;
  • Top Management/Leadership will need to be available as appropriate during and may choose to attend the opening and closing meetings.

2. Documentation

  • QSR will review as much of the management system as possible virtually. This can be done via screen share or by sending the information to your auditor via email;
  • Be aware of any information security processes you have internally.
  • QSR will not retain any documentation and it will be deleted at the conclusion of the audit.

3. Onsite Requirements

  • If the audit plan calls for processes to be followed on the “shop floor”, where possible you should show the auditor around using a webcam or video call from a cell phone;
  • If this is not possible due to technology, security or the closure of a location, then an onsite visit may need to be scheduled, or this topic may be deferred to the next regularly scheduled audit.

What happens if the virtual audit cannot cover everything on my audit, or my audit is a Stage 2 or recertification audit?

We will try to complete as much of the audit virtually as possible. Where we cannot fully verify the effectiveness of your management system and therefore are unable to complete your entire audit virtually (this is more likely on a Recertification audit or Stage 2 audit), then QSR may arrange to complete the onsite activities at a later date.


Jules Fijux, Director Registration Services; (703) 318-3146; Julesf@qsr.com

Carol Tillman, Vice President; (703)318-3151; Tillmanc@qsr.com

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