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RC 14001 Certification

Responsible Care Management System – RC14001

RC 14001 Certification | Responsible Care Management System (RCMS)

A powerful tool for improving environmental, health & safety performance. RC14001® – Chemical Responsible Care Certification combined with ISO 14001 certification into a single, cost-effective process.

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What is RC 14001 – Responsible Care?

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has created the RC14001 standard for organizations that want to attain ISO 14001 certification while at the same time meeting the organization’s Responsible Care Management System or (RCMS) requirements. You need not be an ACC member to seek RC14001 Certification, however, this responsible care standard is focused on chemical companies and their suppliers.

Why Get ISO 14001 Certification?

  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Manage for Sustained Success
  • Reduce Costly Errors
  • Drive Sales & Profitability

RC 14001 is a Chemical Responsible Care Management System that broadens the scope of the ISO 14001 Standard beyond the traditional Environmental Management System to include health and safety, security, transportation, outreach, emergency response and other Responsible Care requirements. The RC14001 Technical Standard specification tracks closely with the elements of ISO 14001.




Pre-assessment is an optional service that is offered for companies that wish to get the highest possible understanding of their readiness prior to undergoing a certification assessment.


Certification Audit

The certification audit has two parts stage 1 and stage 2. The objective of these two audits is the confirm your companies Quality Management System adheres to all the ISO Requirements.


Certificate of Registration

Upon acceptance by the Certification Committee, QSR issues a Certificate of Registration that is valid for 3 years and enters the newly certified organization into QSR’s List of Registered Firms.


Surveillance Audits

Surveillance audits are conducted each calendar year to ensure compliance with the standard.



Prior to the expiration of your ISO certification, QSR will perform a re-certification audit. This will examine your quality management system in its entirety for overall effectiveness.

Achieve the Standard.

Get RC 14001 Certification today.

RC 14001 Standards & Requirements

Plan, Do, Check, Act

The RC14001 certification process begins with a strong commitment from company leadership. Senior management is called upon to develop, document and implement a policy that establishes a framework for defining and reviewing goals and objectives. There is an inherent commitment to continual improvement in this framework.

  • Companies must first PLAN
    That is, identify, assess and evaluate potential hazards and risks associated with their products, processes, distribution and other operations. Companies then establish goals and objectives to address any significant hazards and risks, taking into consideration the concerns of their employees, communities, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Next, companies must DO, or implement what they have planned.
    They establish, document and communicate responsibilities to meet their stated goals and objectives. This includes creating processes to identify and meet staff training needs on performance-related job requirements. Communicating with employees and other stakeholders is essential.
  • Then companies must CHECK their progress.
    This stage highlights performance measurement and corrective action. Activities include self-assessments, in which companies regularly measure and evaluate their performance including compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements. They also take corrective and preventive action to make necessary adjustments. In addition, companies establish procedures for the identification and maintenance of Responsible Care records.
  • Finally, companies must ACT.
    Senior management periodically reviews the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system and makes any necessary changes to enhance performance. The results of this process are shared with stakeholders.

Regardless of whether you opt for RC14001 or RCMS certification, companies taking part in the Responsible Care initiative must undergo headquarters and facility audits to assure that they have a structure and system in place to measure, manage and verify performance. All Responsible Care companies are required to renew their certification every three years.